Eye-Catching and Practical Window Dressing

Eye-Catching and Practical Window Dressing

February 25, 2019 Off By admin

How should you choose the most suitable window dressing for various rooms in your house? Sometimes it is may  be difficult to decide whether curtains or blinds are better.

  1. To start off, first ask yourself what’s most practical: is there space for a curtain rail, for instance? If not, blinds will work perfectly – as is usually the case with bay windows.
  2. Then decide on the look and feel you’d like to create and choose the option that will enhance this best. Curtains offer a more classic, sensual and feminine feel. But they can also work in a masculine environment, given the right texture and pattern – natural colors such as beige, and heavy materials such as bull denim would suit a masculine space.
  3. Venetian blinds are ideal for a modern, minimalist and Eastern-inspired decor. Roman blinds fold over from the bottom in a concertina of pleats.
  4. Remember that a versatile window dressing offers a fresh and finely finished appearance. It can hang snugly over a window frame or over a window opening. What’s more, you can use any material as long as it’s not too fine, as that will wear out easily. Heavier material will hang beautifully and make neater pleats.

More information you can find in the infographic below.

Infographic source: bedbathandbeyond.com