Best Crystals and Stones for Sleeping Problems

Best Crystals and Stones for Sleeping Problems

November 5, 2019 Off By admin

There is no science to help you get a perfect and healthy night’s sleep. There is nothing worse than an inability to sleep. However, how to power off your mind, calm down, and make your body recharge? If you need to break through the block between you and your sound sleep, you need more than darkness, emotional harmony, and a pill – you have to try healing crystals to assist you with it. Fortunately, there are many individual crystals with unique vibrations that will help you improve your sleep quality by placing them near your bed (as an alternative, you can buy healing crystal necklace, ring, or a bracelet).

Which are the best crystals to sleep with


It is one of the best crystals for sleep. Being a high vibrational crystal, Amethyst can provide you with quiet night sleep protecting you from nightmares and negative thoughts. This is also one of the most efficient crystals for sleep protection as it can also provide you with soothing and calming properties for a more comfortable, cozy, and restful sleep. 


Some people consider Amethyst energy too stimulating to aid sleep. If it happens to you, try the other crystals from the list below. 


This stone is also known as the Stone of Transition, named after the Greek word for “scales.” Lepidolite stone is also known for its healing properties that can provide its user with harmony and inner balance. Lithium is one of the main ingredients of the stone – is also used medically to prevent depression, mood swings, and anxiety. It is impossible to fall asleep when you are feeling stress, anxiety, fear, or depression. 


Angelite stone is also known as the Stone of Awareness. If you wear this stone, it can provide you with its healing, calming, and inner peace properties. This healing stone facility spiritual connection, astral traveling, and guidance. What is unique about this crystal is that it can help to ease anxiety, stress, and worries. If you place this stone near your head, you will wake up full of new ideas and strengths. In case you need to relax before asleep, this gemstone is one of the best choices. 

Black Tourmaline 

This is one of the most efficient crystals to help with sleep. Black Tourmaline is especially useful for those who cannot fall asleep because of negative thoughts before bedtime. It provides a secure connection between soul and earth, thereby neutralizing negative thoughts and providing its user with harmony, deep relaxation of the body, and feeling of calm. 

Smoky Quartz

His stone is an excellent choice who suffers from stress, which is the most common issue of insomnia. What is more, this stone can help you dissolve emotional blockages, negative thoughts, and negative energies. With the help of Smoky Quartz, you will forget about worries, stress, and enjoy sound, deep and peaceful sleep!